'This is My Town'

The saga of the Class of 05 intensifies when they emerge from the sanctuary of the Cave. Entering a beautiful green forest that did not exist the night before,  they once again encounter survivalists who are hell bent on eating them. They must struggle to survive in this new world that is full of danger and unwanted guests and ultimately solve the mystery of how they got there. 

Now available the second book By Peter J Flores    Book Two of  'Hurrah for the Class of 05'

A drifter wanders into the small town of Anson and finds himself in the middle of a feud with the neighboring town of Brandon. Who is this drifter and why is he here? Find out in the action-packed adventure ‘This is My Town’.

By Peter J Flores.


 Peter J. Flores is a veteran who served his country during WWII. After the war, he went into Civil Service, developing work standards and computer software that would test jet aircraft engines.  After retiring in 1981 he began to write stories and novels. Now, after 30 years of trying to get published, he is a first time author at age 93. When asked about his age, he merely says, “But, why stop at 93? This is just the first novel. The response to it from the public will be an indication if I should continue writing books, or whether I should confine myself to writing unprintable letters to the Editor.”

The Class of 05 meets new challenges and new dangers in the second book by Peter J Flores

A joyous class reunion is interrupted by an earth-shaking catastrophic event trapping its 53 guests in the sub-basement of their old high school.  This raises concerns by three members who now wonder if this is the “Big One” predicted by an old Indian Shaman as the one that shall change their world and lives forever.

But, what exactly will they find on the surface if and when they are finally able to free themselves?   

Find out in 'Hurrah for the Class of 05'

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 Peter J Flores​​  'Hurrah for the Class of 05'

Author Peter J Flores (Left)  Publisher R Thomas McPherson (Right)