​The Wastelands

A shadow has fallen over the galaxy, and evil will grow in its path. And death will fall from the sky.
The space corporations are about to explode as they are fighting each other.
At the heart of the conflict is the search for the ultimate weapon.
These are Rick Thompson's adventures, a man trying to keep humanity from destroying itself.

A 3-in-1book covering the first trilogy

In the Future
The fight for the Life-prolongation-retrovirus has unleashed a deadly plague that wipes out most of the population of earth.
Small groups of people found refuge in the government bomb shelters. After 80 years, the safety of the shelters has become its own trap.
With supplies and room running low, someone must leave the shelter to find out what has become of the world they once knew.
The only logical choice is the immortal Tess Leland.  Follow her adventures as she discovers what is in
The Wastelands

The Veterans of the Psychic Wars

​Complete Series