A shadow has fallen over the galaxy, and evil will grow in its path. And death will fall from the sky.

The space corporations are about to explode as they are fighting each other.
At the heart of the conflict is the search for the ultimate weapon.
These are Rick Thompson's adventures, a man trying to keep humanity from destroying itself.

A 3-in-1 book that covers the first trilogy of

The Corporate Wars 

Anteagen, the homeworld of the Wilson Corporation. Rick remembered the history lesson. This world was a new beginning for the Wilson corporation. This was the first habitable planet that Jeb Wilson discovered. After leaving Earth, the Corporation had been roaming the galaxy for thirty years. Once they found this planet, it was the promised land. This was a place to put down roots and expand the population.
There were areas of fertile green land with enough water on the planet to make a new start. In the beginning, there was peace and plenty. Other worlds were found and colonized, but none were as lovely as Anteagen. That is why The Wilson Corporate based its headquarters here.
The problem was that man brought his hostile nature with him. After three hundred years, the grotesqueries of human nature started to show themselves again. That's where Rick came in. Rick Thompson, an investigator for the Wilson Corporation, is set on a case that leads him through action and adventure.


Coming this Summer

Book 5 Incursion

The Corporate Wars are heating up.
The Rossom Corporation is causing havoc across the conglomeration. Rick is sent to rescue the CEO of the McTech Corporation, a rival corporation, from the Rossom attacks. He does it because it is the right thing to do. Do you know if he will succeed? Find out in Book 4 of The Corporate Wars.​


Rick Thompson has been given the task of finding out who has been destroying scientific space stations and why? The investigation leads him on a dangerous adventure. All major Corporations in the Conglomeration have been attacked, and War is inevitable unless Rick can find out who is responsible as he tries to prevent  The Corporate Wars.


The Corporate Wars

"I have seen the future. A shadow has fallen over the galaxy; evil has started to grow in its path, and death will fall from the skies. Darkness will reign until the one has returned." Prophecy from Mary the Talent.

As the Corporate Wars heat up, Rick must become the man he was meant to be to save humanity. The story continues in Book Three of the Corporate Wars